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I am all about having FUN with METAPHYSICS, the NON-PHYSICAL ENERGIES and have been connecting with higher self, higher energies / higher vibrations (whatever you want to call it really, they don’t care!) since I was born - we all were! I just remember from the age of 4 onwards.

I definitely bring a new FLAVOUR, STYLE, LOOK & FEEL to the world of Spirituality, Metaphysics & Quantumphysics & I try not to take myself so serious, however, I am definitely passionate about the mechanics & The Universal Laws that enable us to create the lives we came here to expand & experience, by tuning into the non-physical vibrations of HELP.  I LOVE & have soooo much FUN with helping people connect the dots & navigate the lives they were BORN TO LIVE intuitively & spiritually.


After receiving my own Psychic / Mediumship Reading's by World renowned Spiritual Psychic / Medium's to Celebrities, European Royalty & Politicians (& everyone else in between), predicting that I would accept and unfold my own abilities when I moved to London & HELP others INTERNATIONALLY … it was no surprise that London shortly followed & so did the unfolding of my METAPHYSICAL LIFE … BOOM!


I have had sooooo many WOW & EXTRAORDINARY experiences in seeing predictions come true, that are just UNBELIEVABLY out of this world for my clients & I, that it has left me with NO DOUBT in my being, that connecting to our higher selves & aligning with the high vibrations of the non-physical that are ALWAYS wanting to COMMUNICATE to help guide us, will bring us to experience our HIGHEST POTENTIAL & EXPAND.  It’s definitely made it EASIER for me to connect the dots in life and make what often seems to be hard & challenging decisions in life, a lot more easier & with COMFORT.


I am PROFOUNDLY GRATEFUL for this ability and my intention is to use this ability to bring love, joy, comfort, peace, blessings, growth & information to many people's lives.  I look forward to having a wonderful metaphysical exchange with you and helping you get ENERGETIC CLARITY, HEALING & ACHIEVE what you want to experience in life & having FUN with it all.  I WELCOME YOU, so let's CONNECT.








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