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I recently had a reading from Sam in my home.   There's no doubt in my mind that he has a gift.  Not only was it revealing and insightful about relatives that had passed, (especially one) but there was also a sensitivity Sam possessed in being able to deliver and interpret messages useful for my life today.






                             Brad Wald

                             Until recently, Chief Commercial Officer for NBCU Int'l TV Production,                                          London.

                             Has relocated back to Los Angeles, California

















Shannon Decker

Model / Actor / Reality Star of E Show, Hollywood Cycle

Los Angeles, California








                                                                                       Catherine Eng

                                                                                       Casting Director, Owner of Dame                                                                                                    Casting

                                                                                       West Hollywood, California


















Jeffrey E. Williams

Hypnotherapist / Legal Profession

Los Angeles, California







                                                                                          University Professor, UK

                                                                                          London, United Kingdom



"Sam and I met in Glastonbury on a weekend retreat with the London Spiritual Movement.  Sam is an amazing Healer, with a big & kind heart, ready to help and support wherever he can. He showed me that physical beauty and kindness is not a contradiction. His natural curiosity and kind spirit made me feel safe and loved.  He connected to my beloved Grandmother who has passed when I was in my twenties. This was a truly magical experience, connection at its purest.  I highly recommend working with Sam, as he is not only truly gifted but also a warm kind soul, maybe an Angel living among us on Earth opening doors we cannot see ourselves. With deepest gratitude and much love, Claudia."






                                           Claudia Beck

                                   Vice President, Burberry

                                   London, United Kingdom



“Either you believe or you don’t believe…and with Sam Tautua, I’m a believer.  Without ever knowing that my mother was German, he shared with me how sweet her accent was.  Without knowing that my father was an influential politician, he knew that he was a civic leader.  My Grandmother got me a teddy bear that I keep in my living room & Sam couldn't possibly know that & he shared with me that my grandma acknowledged it & loved it sitting in the corner, as she appeared during our reading & many more other things.  Spend some time with Sam and I promise, you will believe."







                                                                                                      Gregory Zarian

                                                                                                         Actor / Model

                                                                                               Los Feliz, California 

















 Rosie De Candia

 Inspirational Host / Actor / Singer

 Beverly Hills, California










                                                                                           Jacque Holmes                                                                                                                                                            Nurse

                                                                                           Hollywood, California



"Although we live our lives at ground level, Sam gives you an aerial perspective so you can see patterns invisible from close up. And while many of us would not want to know our future, Sam gives you the chance to choose. While we're on our path from past to future, it's nice to have a guide."





                             Michael Vilkin

                             Business Owner - Fine Art Painter

                             Santa Barbara, California



"I recently sat with Sam for a Mediumship session and although I was skeptic about it, it turned out that Sam was spot on in so many ways. I was shocked when he started to reveal all of these moments in my life that occurred, and were, and still is very touching to me. Sam made me very at ease and was very Professional. I would definitely recommend him. Bring your tissues with you because he will touch you in so many ways. I wish him all the success in the world and will definitely be back to see him." 





                                                                                                           Sherif Tawfik

                                                                                                        Self Employed

                                                                                         Beverly Hills, California



"What a wonderful being Sam is! Sam read for me and gave me some wonderful insights and guidance from another realm that meant so much to me. To be in his presence is uplifting and such a positive experience. I'm honoured to call him a friend"






                                 Michael Myles Keogh


                                 London, United Kingdom



I met Sam in 2013 in Glastonbury. At the time I was dealing with having just recently discovered my biological father. It was a period of complete redefinition of my identity. Sam was able to use his gifts and abilities with extreme kindness and support me through this amazing period of my life. He was able to connect to my loved ones with accuracy and provide incredible healing which allowed me to understand my path better. Once I had took a few decisions he was able to gently guide me and give me tools that are still supporting my growth to this day. He's awesome in every way !!





                                                                                                 Marjorie Genest

                                                                                                 Nanny & Healer

                                                                                 London, United Kingdom




I met Sam in London whilst volunteering at a One Love Tribal Event in February 2013. Sam and I were covering the registration desk and chatted away, realising at the end of the event how deeply we were connected. I truly believe our connection is as siblings in a past life and in this life, I have adopted Sam as my brother. Sam did a reading for me just before he left London for LA. He was so spot on and gave me information that he could possibly not have known, connecting to my granny who is my spirit guide. Sam is not just a great Medium, he is also very inspirational. I am in awe of the way Sam uses the Law of Attraction to create his life, this is something he has truly mastered. I am blessed to have worked with Sam and so thankful for having him in my life






                           Debs Freespirit Fernanades

                           Shamanic Practitioner

                           London, United Kingdom


















                                                                          Steven Perlmuter

                                                                          Business Owner of Stevie B Designs &

                                                                          Senior Account Executive at Halo Branded                                                                                     Solutions

                                                                          Hollywood Hills, California
























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