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Challenges = BLESSINGS

Most of us hate challenges right? Until we learn that it is here to grow us to our "next right steps". I guarantee you that if you were to review all your life challenges from the past, you would see the good things that came from it i.e. You became stronger, you became wiser, your intuition was telling you the truth the whole time, you experienced those who loved you through these challenges, you learned how to assert yourself, you learnt how to set up healthy boundaries, you learnt how to get real with yourself, you learnt how to call Bull Sh*t etc & the list goes on.

Next time you encounter a challenge, ask yourself, what is this here to teach me? How can I evolve from this? What is the blessing in this? & I guarantee you that you will transcend the challenge & evolve to your "next right step"

Peace & alignment y'all 👣👣👣👣👣


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