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Too BLESSED to be stressed

So this maybe a Real Housewives of Atlanta tag line (yes, I watch the show & love it, don't judge me) & you may think it corny, however, it rings TRUE, if you make this your daily AFFIRMATION or BELIEF SYSTEM!

Saying & feeling that you are blessed & consciously looking for things to be grateful for everyday, moves your mindset & emotions to a place of feeling blessed.  When you FEEL this consistently for the majority of the day, you will start to experience & notice BLESSINGS on many different levels & forms continuously come your way.

Trust me, I've been at a place where I thought life was full of difficult challenges & it was, however, it didn't do me any good in just accepting that as my "norm" & dwelling on it.  Once I learnt how to be continuously & consciously aware & counteract every negative thought with a positive, constructive, solution focused, kind & loving thought & learnt that we have the CONSCIOUS POWER TOO CHOOSE OUR THOUGHTS, life became an awakened ADVENTURE of amazing MIRACLES ... & anyone that knows me from back in my corporate days, knows I have CHOSEN to live a life of DREAMS & DESIRES & guess what? Things keep coming true consistently.  If this Polynesian boy from down under who came from a very challenging childhood (that's another story) can do it, sooooooo can YOU #boom

Make this your daily INTENTION ... "I'M TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED" & experience the MIRACLES #baam 

Pic = most of my siblings, mum & I on our recent trip to our motherland - Samoa 🇼🇸, again "WE'RE TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED" #getit  ... this was truly another DREAM come TRUE

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