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Victim? ... Survivor? ... or THRIVER?

Are you a victim? survivor? or thriver? The choice is always ours.

I feel like I've had a lot more clients in the past week playing 'victim' than ever before & so I was guided to write about it. Not the most inspiring topic for me to talk about, as I love all things inspiring & empowering, however, I'll just shut up, move out of my own way, listen to my Guides & let words flow through me .... these very pushy guides I have in the ether !!! lol. Gotta have humour in this line of work! That's for damn sure ....

Anyways ... VICTIM; some basic questions to bring to your awareness ... do you often find yourself thinking about how this went wrong? how this person screwed you over? how this person said or did something so rude? how life isn't providing you with any opportunities? how life is such a struggle, how someone else is getting so many opportunities & you're not sure why you aren't? so much lack in ones life? Yeah, is this you? if so, right now you have whats called "Victim Consciousness"'s a PERCEPTION where one feels hopeless, unhappy, we are blaming something or someone outside of ourselves for all the things that are going wrong in life....sound familiar?

SURVIVOR; that Destiny's Child song "Survivor" pops to my mind, as I typed that heading....damn, that song got me through some tough times at the gym, when I thought I couldn't do one more set of weights bleh, or got me through a breakup, a change in home, a life change....whatever it was, that song definitely worked some magic. Are you someone who survives? just getting by? overcame horrific obstacles? ... its a PERCEPTION where no matter what life throws at you, you know that deep down inside, you will get through this, no matter what. This consciousness normally means you are hungry for better things in life, you become stronger & empowered & there is a knowing that ensues once you move through life's challenges that align you with something bigger than yourself ... sound familiar?

THRIVER; clearly my fav, as I love to thrive in everything & anything I want to experience in life & I could talk about the dynamics of what makes people thrive, with other "thriving" people non-stop, all day, every day ... BOOM!. Are you someone who always gets what they want, someone who knows how to "Ask & it is Given", someone who is in fearless pursuit with purpose, passion, love, enlightenment, alignment, peace? These people have the PERCEPTION of being "solution focused" always. They are "can do" "feel good" people, always looking at life on the brighter side, glass half full type of people. When you emotionally vibe with this perception, life just continuously brings you life experiences that "THRIVE" ... it's ALWAYS OUR CHOICE.

What's IMPORTANT to REMEMBER is .... it's ALWAYS OUR CHOICE. We have the POWER TO CHOOSE which consciousness we want to perceive, feel, act upon, believe & align with. Most of us would have moved through all 3 states of consciousness at different points in our lives, however REMEMBER, today is A NEW DAY & WE GET TOO "CHOOSE" what consciousness is going to serve us in getting us where we DESIRE ... CHOOSE WISELY MY FRIENDS & as always, I wish you the BEST!

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