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I DIED LAST NIGHT ... in my dream ...

I died last night in my dream & I am still here to share this story.

Dying in my dreams was nothing I ever expected it to be, my ignorant self thought, if we died in our dreams, we died for real & this awareness was based on absolutely no facts, just imagination I plucked out from god knows where? Hollywood movies? People Magazine ? some trashy article in some newspaper? ... Anyways ... I have since educated myself & WOW, never knew how many people out there in Google land have also died in their dreams & shared their lovely experiences & their symbolic awareness, after having this experience.

I found myself vividly aware that my soul / my spirit / my conscious awareness was leaving my body. I have had several 'out of body' experiences in the past & have 'astral travelled', brought on through meditation, so it was very much the same experience, although this time, in my dream. I was aware that someone was on top of me & had strangled me to death. I couldn't see who it was, as I didn't become vividly conscious from the point of taking my last breath in my human body, lost vision (so couldn't see who the damn cray cray was), then my spirit floated out from my head / my crown chakra & just rose & floated into the feeling of peace & love. I knew I had died & was so OK with it & my surrounding then turned into a spiritual forest like environment that I had travelled to before in my Metaphysical School Mediations years ago in London, circa 2013. It's where I would sometimes go in meditation & meet my loved one's who had passed on, My Grandpa To'o, My Sister Pasi, My Aunty Tina, or my Spirit Guides. When I became aware of where I was, I immediately went in search, full of excitement for my sister Pasi. It was so vivid, so surreal, so beautiful, all peaceful & all loving. As I made the search for my sister, for which felt like 2 minutes in human time, I could feel her voice vibrate through my spirit body, saying time to go back now, big change awaits you & then SNAP, I awoke in my bed, on Earth, feeling damn, why am I back & I want to experience more !!! .... I looked at my phone for the time, it was 5.55am, I googled Doreen Virtue Angel Numbers meaning for 555 & it says: "Huge changes are rumbling throughout your entire life! To keep these changes on the highest possible course, be sure to keep your thoughts positive, and stay entered in prayer & affirmations.

I was thinking this has to be very symbolic, because it is so damn SYNCHRONISTIC ... how often does one die in their sleep?, gets a booming message from their deceased sister? saying big change awaits you!, you must go back ... then seeing 555???, I'm all about the numbers these days too btw !!! My next thought was to google to see what dying in a dream meant, if there was anything? & low & behold, this was my first find: "Dreaming of your own death symbolises inner changes, transformation, self-discovery & positive development that is happening within you or your life. You are undergoing a transitional phase & are becoming more enlightened or spiritual. Big positive changes are ahead for you where you are making a new start & leaving the past behind.

I'm always studying, so I intend to equip myself & move with change always, as I know it is inevitible & I have always had good guidance through the practise of meditation, but HEY NOW ... dying in one's sleep is ANOTHER SIGN, who would've thought ???. I would LOVE to hear if you had a similar experience, just PM me! Not that I'm trying to add Dream Analyst to my Metaphysical repertoire, but I do find this fascinating.

HOPE this helps, till next time, HAPPY DYING IN YOUR SLEEP FOLKS ... signing off, Metaphysical Everything, Mwah!

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