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Do Alzheimer's & Dementia people speak to SPIRIT or their HIGHER SELVES ???

So, I was picking up a few things at a health food store in West Hollywood today, post gym workout, feeling healthy, glowing, fit & feeling mentally & emotionally blissful & vibrant, when the well dressed & well spoken gentlemen, in front of me, who had a Professor type of look about him, was talking to himself out loud, as if he was having a conversation with someone on the phone, however, i glimpsed to see if I could locate any headphone's or phone & there weren't any. The cashier, amongst others around, was looking at this gentlemen very disturbingly & awkwardly & I just immediately felt to focus directly on the conversation this gentleman was having with himself. I started to notice the dialogue he was having with himself out loud, was the same dialogue that we have internally with our inner voice, with our internal guidance system, the one behind our thoughts that is always asking questions, what's next?, where to next? what to do? What do you think about this & that? etc, whilst we await the internal response of either our "higher selves" or the crazy ass ego, depends on which guidance we intend for & choose to listen too right!. This off course happens internally in our heads, however, this gentlemen was speaking this dialogue out LOUD!.

Whilst focusing on this gentlemen's conversation, I heard him say, "yes, you are slowly loosing your mental capacity, but it's ok, others will learn & benefit from it", then this gentlemen replied to himself & simply said "ok, I trust you", as he paid for his items at the counter, he said thank you to the Cashier & have a great day ... cashier saying absolutely nothing, clueless in how to act & dumbfounded. The gentleman then stood there slowly packing his bag with the items he had purchased, whilst cashier was scanning my items for purchase. I then hear the gentlemen say to himself "you are a beautiful soul, don't you forget that & I am guiding you", then the gentlemen replied to himself "thank you, things are getting better & I am so glad you are with me".

This dialogue i heard & witnessed, had me thinking, this resembles the dialogue that we have with god, The Universe, the Angels, our loved one's in spirit, our higher selves, aliens lol?, who knows?, whoever you speak to that is beyond yourself, your normal mental thoughts, when you want help. Now, this was only a short glimpse into this gentlemen's life, so I can't say what his all day, every day conversation is like. I could tell he was definitely 'not' on drugs. I've seen the symptoms, behaviour & actions of people on drugs here in Hollywood & my party days wayyyyyy back when & by god, there are some cray cray's out there, but this was 'not' this gentlemen's behaviour or feel, so considering age bracket & the way he conducted himself, I believe it was either Alzheimer's or Dementia or both. I do have experience in identifying this, when testing people's testamentary mental capacity back in my working for Government days, when I would visit Clients who had Alzheimer's / Dementia in their Nursing or Retirement Homes & when I use to make Wills & Power of Attorneys for Clients, most of them elderly, so it was part of my job to identify & test mental capacity through observation & tested guidelines, so am quite certain it's Alzheimers or Dementia, nor do I claim to know what other things this gentlemen maybe experiencing, as I know Alzhimers / Dementia is a degenerative mental disease over time & that it has many differen't stages to it & how one may behave through these stages alter, but I am specifically focusing on the conversation I witnessed today, for this blog's sake.

My google research showed me that one of the symptoms of Alzheimers or Dementia can have adults reverting back to being child like & speaking to imaginary friends. Most know by now that children upto the age of 8, have the ability to still communicate with spirit, angels etc until they are conditioned into this physical world of thinking & way of being. So imaginary friends, are not necessarily imaginary friends. It had me thinking, are these adults reverting back to that spiritual vibration? are they reverting back to that child like purity where they can connect with loved one's that have passed or simply having conversation with their higher selves? it is common behaviour that they often believe to speak to loved one's that have passed many years ago, their parents etc.

There is not a lot on google from a metaphysical or spiritual awareness that has been acknowledged from a medical or scientific point of view, nor do these two worlds cross reference, I believe? ... but I do think this may alter, as our global consciousness expands, however, I did find people sharing their own experiences with loved ones & their spiritual insights & I believe that there is more to this, than meets the eye.

If you are supporting / experiencing a family member or a friend that has Alzheimers or Dementia, wouldn't it be comforting to know that they may have a clear channel & ability to connect to their deceased loved one's or higher selves, when they are in this state, to keep them company before they eventually cross back over? & it may not be imaginary? It really had me thinking about this in a differen't perspective. Looking forward to hearing the awareness around this state of being evolve, as our world evolves.

This is my Super Soul Sunday feels & thought ... Just saying ... it's all a human experience & it's all LOVE! #BOOM

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